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About Us

Amalco is Russia’s leading employment expert created in 2003 by professionals with years of experience and expertise offering a full range of options to help businesses and individuals choose their way in the modern world of work.

Our Services

  • We provide the right candidate for different areas and activities;
  • Express recruitment;
  • Mass recruitment projects;
  • Analysis of wages and compensation;
  • Testing and evaluation of staff;
  • Carefully selection of temporary staff.

Our unique database has more than 500 000 CV specialists in various fields, which allows us promptly, respond to customer inquiries strait away.

The Principals of Employment expert Amalco

  • Quality over quantity: we pay great attention to recruitment, using innovative methods of selection and its own work. Candidates face competition to comply with the desired position. Summary and recommendations are carefully checked, so the final stage of selection are only highly qualified personnel capable of working for your business.
  • We provide the right candidate to meet customer needs: the agency specialists closely examine the specifics of the client's requirements for care and solve the tasks required, taking into account the trends of the personnel market. We are working with issues of any complexity: from finding a specialist to perform complex solutions with a massive selection of personnel.
  • Establishing strong partnerships: Working on any project, we aim primarily to establish strong partnerships and to understand the peculiarities of the situation of the client. Agency already established a strong relationship with leading companies and firms of Russia and as a result provides a reliable partnership in solving business problems.
  • Our task is to find the most suitable candidate in the shortest period of time.

    Recruitment agent "AMALCO" is widely represented in the media, such as «Работа и Зарплата», «Работа для Вас», «Работа сегодня»- the leading newspapers of Moscow city and Moscow region, as well as priority sites for job search - Superjob,,,

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