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Our task is to find the most suitable candidate in the shortest period of time. For more than 7 years of recruitment agency "AMALCO" has developed a clear scheme effectively solve any problems for recruitment.

What can we do for you?

Recruitment is performed using not only traditional methods, but also with their own solutions in the field of recruiting. We have a database with more than 500 thousand professionals, compiled by hand. Modern search algorithm allows us to find the most qualified candidates for the businesses and individuals.

Once we selected few strong and suitable candidates, potential employees go through several stages of assessment.

  • First, each of them fills out a special questionnaire designed to identify professional and personal qualities of the person, as well as to understand the peculiarities of his character.
  • Second, we check the documentation, including summaries and recommendations from previous employers.
  • Third, We do interview and testing with candidate.

Наши услугиIf the agency's database contains information on the appropriate specialist, then we present its candidature within 1-2 business days. Otherwise, the agency carries out a special search of the employee in the terms agreed with the Employer.

How We work with clients

Once the agency picked up a few suitable candidates, our manager communicates with the client (Employer) and introduces him selected staff portfolio or CV (by phone or e-mail). If necessary, we provide the personal characteristics of candidates compiled by the agency, and recommendations from other employers. The agency "AMALCO" always ready to offer professional support in the selection of a particular candidate from the list of pre-screened professionals.

The agency will arrange a meeting of the candidate with the employer. If a candidate is suitable for the employer, candidate with the help of agency sign a contract and start a probationary period. Once candidate signs the contact the client (Employer) make a payment to the agency for provided services. If the candidate doesn’t pass the probation period Amalco provides a selection of another specialist (candidate) for free.

Payment plan is discussed at the preliminary stage of work with the Employer. The customer (Employer) makes a payment only when the candidate signs the contact with the customer (Employer). Amalco service fee is about 12% of the annual income of the specialist (candidate). For the data protection reasons the agency does not convey information to third parties.

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