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Benefits working with us

  • Professionalism: Our professionally trained staff maintains the strong knowledge of current trends in human resource market. Agency staff is constantly improving their skills and develop strong knowledge with trainings workshops, etc. All this knowledge investment allows staff to select the most suitable personnel for customers (Employers).
  • Efficiency: the agency's database has more than 500,000 resumes, which allow us promptly respond to customer inquiries strait away.
  • Approved staff: each candidate is carefully selected, including such steps as questionnaires, documentation review, personal interview and testing. In addition, the recommendations of review - the database includes only those candidates who meet the high standards of selection. Clients make a payment of service fee only when the specialist sign the contact with the client (Employer): . If the candidate doesn’t pass the probation period Amalco provides a selection of another specialist (candidate) for free. The agency provides services for permanent and temporary staff at any time.
  • Confidentiality is one of the most important principles of agency "AMALCO." For the data protection reasons the agency does not convey information to third parties.

Amalco provides an extended range of permanent and temporary recruitment services to both private and public sector clients. We specialize in the following sectors:

  • Industry and manufacturing;
  • Finance and auditing, bookkeeping;
  • Field sales;
  • Real estate and construction;
  • Administrative and office staff;
  • Transport and logistics;
  • Law;
  • Medicine and Pharmacology;
  • Information technology and others.

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